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Late model Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, AstonMartin, Audi R8!

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 My Exotic Car   The Royalty Program

You can monetize your late model exotic car, while retaining ownership & driving rights.  Allow MyExoticCar to place your vehicle in a Curvy Road time-ownership program (see CurvyRoad.com), named the Private Access Plan. Here’s a summary of the Royalty Program.

Please contact George Kiebala with questions,

toll-free, at 844-MyExotic (1-844-693-9684)

  • All your liability and all other insurance will be covered, and –
  • You will receive royalty payments from the sale of time-share type usage of your vehicle by Curvy Road members.
  • You retain driving rights – generally a minimum of eight weeks, can be negotiated to a larger minimum, pending membership reservations.
  • Essentially cover your car-payments with the Curvy Road royalties, pay no insurance  – Curvy Road will have you named as a driver on its Automobile umbrella policy, and yet you retain full ownership of your vehicle, including resale value.
  • Curvy Road only accepts qualified members with excellent driving records, who are high net worth individuals pre-qualified for you.
  • No rental, no short-term usage or usage by non-members.
  • Every driver receives a vehicle orientation, which is driver training for driving, shifting & overall operation of the vehicle, including shifting options, recommended shifting strategies (including F1, e-Gear, R-tronic, tip-tronic, PDK, and regular manual transmissions), convertible top operation and safety guidelines specific to that vehicle.  This process ensures the utmost driver enjoyment – and the greatest protection for your exotic vehicle.
  • The most sought after vehicles, that are likely to generate the greatest amount of royalty payments for you, are late-model (ie: 1 to 3 years old, relatively low mileage and preferably under factory or extended factory warranty) Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Audi R8, and Maserati.

Contact us for more information.

George Kiebala, President,  1-844-MyExotic  (1-844-693-9684)

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My Exotic Car

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